Terms and Conditions to Register for methPrimerDB
Read this page carefully

In order to register, you have to accept the following statements:
  • You add only relevant data to the database (this is good working and sufficiently tested primer sets);
  • You will never try to force an entry in the database by abuse of this website;
  • You agree that your personal details will be linked with the data you submitted. In case of questions/comments with/on the primer data, users can contact you (via regular mail or email);
  • If you deregister to the database, your user profile (login and password) will be deleted and you can no longer log in, but your personal details will still be linked to your submitted primer sets;
  • You decide if you want to make your login name (email address) publicly available;
  • If the data you submitted contains errors, we will urge you to correct these and
  • You can never ask a compensation for your submitted data.
We will never pass your personal data to third parties. We will always try to keep the database fully operational and up-to-date.

If you agree with the text above, click on the appropriate checkbox in the registration form.

Thanks a lot for your registration!!

the administrators of the DNA Methylation Analysis PCR Primer Database