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This is a public database holding PCR primers for popular DNA methylation analysis methods (Methylation-specific PCR, Bisulfite-PCR-SSCP, Methylation-sensitive single-nucleotide primer extension, Combined bisulfite restriction analysis, Bisulfite sequencing) to prevent time-consuming primer design and experimental optimisation.

We strongly encourage researchers to submit their validated primer sequences. One can query the database using the official gene name, Entrez Gene or methPrimerDB identifier, or oligonucleotide sequence.

Different options make it possible to restrict a query to one organism (Human, Mouse, Rat) or method. Data submission is allowed after free registration where you obtain a login name and password.

Currently, 259 primer sets are available, submitted by 195 people.

 What's new
February 2006:
January 2004:
  • methPrimerDB records are linked to RTPrimerDB gene expression assays
  • new analysis method added: Bisulfite sequencing
August 2003:
  • database goes online

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